Ngâm Truyện Kiều bằng tiếng Anh

Theo bản truyện Kiều bạn Mica Huỳnh dịch mới đây:

Long time in human life,
Fate is so bad for nice people.
Go through such difficult,
I saw and had struggle feelings.
One’s full, others’ lacking,
Heaven, it keeps hating beauty.
On light, read history,
Popular love story for teens.
Years of Jiajing (Gia Tĩnh) The Ming,
Country’s in peace, nothing special.
Vương was a rich uncle,
Normal man with normal mansion.
Quan is his youngest son,
Study to pass entrance paper.
Among his two sisters,
Kiều is a bit older than Vân.
Both girls are excellent,
Despite the difference in charm.
Thúy Vân looks pretty calm,
Full moon face with ma’am body,
With jade-like melody,
Snow white skin with curly cloud hair…
Kiều even looks unfair,
Thúy Vân cannot compare to Kiều…
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