I tried playing the *WORST* Fake LEGO Ninjago Games (Apps)

I tried playing the WORST Fake LEGO Ninjago Games (Apps)
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This video contains gameplay and commentary on 7 FAKE NINJAGO APPS

LEGO Ninjago has official video games such as the LEGO Ninjago Movie Video game and Shadow of Ronin but these are knockoff apps … and they are hilarious!! XD

LEGO Ninjago Ninja Characters
Kai – Red Ninja
Jay – Blue Ninja
Zane – White Ninja
Cole – Black Ninja
Nya – Water Ninja
Lloyd – Green Ninja

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MDK – Maverick Hunter (intro)

Which Ninjago fake game seemed the WORST?! Let me know your thoughts below!

Watch the entire video to see ALL these crazy apps available at the time of LEGO Ninjago 2019 Season 11

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