How to Remove Fake Explorer.EXE Virus Windows 10 (Complete Tutorial)

How to Remove Fake Explorer.EXE Virus Windows 10 (Complete Tutorial)
Hi there, here I showed up how to remove fake explorer.exe virus from Windows Operating System.
Sometimes a Windows computer user may encounter with this Fake Explorer.exe error. As you know Windows Explorer is an important part of the Windows operating system, which is a GUI shell of Windows operating system. However, do you know that? Malware and spyware such as viruses, worms, and Trojans deliberately give their processes the same file name, such as “Explorer.EXE” to hide malware and spyware and to avoid from detection. Windows Defender and other anti-viruses can detect this malware and spyware properly but sometimes they cannot be successfully remove some part of malware and spyware. Which is always active on our Windows operating system and one more very important thing, this unremoved part of malware and spyware can Download and install other viruses or worms, it can record your keystrokes, your passwords and even it can send information about your PC to a bad hacker.
Whatever the issue, don’t worry about it. Here’s the best solution for this explorer.exe error.


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