5AM – Cá Hồi Hoang Cover Tiếng Anh, Jon Connell

#5AM #Cá Hồi Hoang #Tiếng Anh
5AM -by Cá Hồi Hoang
Cover Tiếng Anh by John Connell
Original song here:

Lyrics –

Drink more don’t think about it
A weekend night I’m waiting for the car alone
Know I have to leave, from this place
Have to go right now

Stayed awake all night and turned to stare at my car keys
Took my bag, took my purse, took my watch what else, I forget now
Walked a little way and turned around, my thoughts lingered
I missed my cat, missed my room, realized just how much I’d abandoned

Sometimes just think about it
You’re a real gem you weren’t put here just to exist

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